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Solar Energy

This page presents works performed by Eng. Matthew Matimbwi in the areas of solar technologies. Eng. Matimbwi has been providing services of feasibility study, project planning and design, proposal development, fundraising, contractor procurement, installation and quality control, end user education, and community awareness raising.

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and Italian partner Microfinanza Associazione e Sviluppo Onlus have facilitated installation of 2.16kWp solar photovoltaic system at the off-grid Igawa Secondary School, Malinyi, Tanzania. The solar installation was commissioned on 26/8/2019. The installation serves 482 secondary school students.

All works were done under technical support of Matthew Matimbwi

30 Jul, 2019.
Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) launched female solar artisans training. The first batch was trained in Njombe Town attracting girls from regions of Mbeya, Njombe, Songwe and Ruvuma. Each girl was offered a tool box full of basic tools for working in solar photovoltaic technology and be connected to the retailers. 

Thanks to German Friends of URBIS Foundation that had extended their financial contribution to the program. The trained was implemented by Matthew Matimbwi

Sisters of St. Ann of Luzern that are running Ipuli Catholic Mission Hospital in Tabora Municipality commissioned a 23.04kWp solar photovoltaic power backup system on 17 July, 2019. To improve the efficiency in the energy use, Sisters of St. Ann replaced all conventional tube lights with energy saving bulbs. In addition, sisters installed 7 split units of solar street lights to improve the security in the hospital compound.

In realizing the project, Sisters of St. Ann of Luzern were offered consultancy service by Matthew Matimbwi.

Promoting Secondary Education in Malinyi, Tanzania
Matthew Matimbwi in cooperation with Catholic Diocese of Mahenge installed a solar photovoltaic system at VITIRA Secondary School in Malinyi for improving quality of learning. The installation of 1.68kW was done in February, 2019.

Solar system supplies electricity for lighting, laboratories and use of Information and Communication Technology equipment.

VICOBA Solar Revolving Fund  in Malinyi
31 January, 2019
Matthew Matimbwi through Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and Italian partner Microfinanza and project Solar Finance4All, has implemented a solar revolving fund in Malinyi. 420 families benefited from the program.  14 VICOBAs from the villages of: Malinyi; Kipingo; Makerere; Mchangani and Lugala benefited through the program.
Training of solar artisans - Ifakara
10-14 December, 2018
Matthew Matimbwi trained 5 solar artisans in installation and maintenance in Ifakara. The activity was the part of project of installing 14.5kW solar power backup system at Mahenge District Hospital. The training attracted participants from: Ulanga District Council; Evangelical Church-Ulanga Kilombero Diocese; Edgar Maranta School of Nursing; and Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Charity.

Thanks for the financial support from UNDP and SolidarMed.
Using solar energy to promote education in Malinyi
October, 2018 to January, 2019
Matthew Matimbwi is working with Catholic Diocese of Mahenge to install solar systems at the secondary schools in Malinyi. The cooperation will benefit schools of St. Piu Secondary School and VITIRA Secondary School.

St. Piu Secondary School is already installed with 1.2kW solar system. The in January, 2019 VITIRA Secondary School will be installed with solar system of the same capacity.

The availability of electricity will enable students to pursue science subjects and have extra hours of learning in the evening.
Solar installation at St. Piu

Enabling girls of Malinyi accessing quality education
October, 2018
Matthew Matimbwi through TAREA mobilized a support of installing 900kW solar photovoltaic system at Kipingo Secondary School to supply electricity to the girls' dormitory. The solar system was installed by local artisans of AMBASE Solar Technicians Group.

Electricity will provide light improving living and learning environments to the girls. Thanks to the support of URBIS Foundation of Munich, Germany.
Connecting end of the mile-Malinyi, Tanzania
January to December, 2018
Eng. Matthew Josephat Matimbwi through Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and Associazione Microfinanza E Sviluppo Onlus (AMS)-Italy with financial support from Waldensian Evangelical Church-Italy and The Autonomous Province of Trento-Italy provided solar lights and connected community of Malinyi to the internet using solar photovoltaic technology.

The activities that have been realized in Malinyi are providing solar lights to Malinyi Bus Stand and Market Place, supplying solar electricity to Malinyi and Kipingo Secondary Schools, connecting to the internet Malinyi Teachers' Resource Centre (5 computers and solar photovoltaic system), provision of chairs to the primary schools of: Malinyi; Nawigo; and Makugira and training of 5 young people in solar photovoltaic technology installation and maintenance.

Installation of solar street light at bus stand
The solar street lights at Malinyi bus stand increased security to the passengers that spend overnight waiting for travelling, increased hygiene as there was a practice of urinating around in the night and increased the quality of business environment to the women food vendors.

Market solar lights
Market solar lights provide opportunity of increased working hours at the marketplace to 2 hours beyond the sunset; increased security of products left overnight at the market; and hygiene.

Solar photovoltaic systems at Kipingo and Malinyi secondary schools
Solar systems at the schools have contributed to the increase of the school performance as students can have opportunity of learning in the extended time in the evening and there is increased security around the school environment.

Internet for teachers' resource centre
Solar plant installed to supply electricity to five desk top computers and internet modem provides access to the teachers accessing information online. It will help teachers increase their knowledge and enable fast communication.

Chairs to 3 primary schools
84 chairs have been distributed to the 3 primary schools of Makugira, Malinyi and Nawigo. The chairs were provided to reduce the deficit of school chairs that existed in the village of Malinyi.

Solar lights for the households
Malinyi is connected to national grid. It is the fact that not all households are able to connect to the grid. Even those who are able to connect to the national grid are not yet connected. Project enables those families not yet connected, through VICOBA, to replace kerosene lanterns to improve the living environment and provide possibility of children studying at home in the evening.

The above achievement had been realized in the period of  2014-2017.

New project Finance 4 Sustainable Energy has been launched for the period of 2018-2020

Realizing Zanzibar RE & EE Program-Training Component

April, 2018
Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has received the financial support to implement the program of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. The aim of the project is to increase the independence of Zanzibar in accessing modern energy and increasing efficient energy use through the harnessing sources of renewable energy mainly solar and wind.

Eng. Matthew Matimbwi through MWH SA/NV of Brussels, Belgium has been implementing training and learning process component. The work is being done from August, 2016 to June, 2018. The work consisted conducting the study on the training need assessment, development of training modules and implementation.

The topics that have been managed by Eng. Matthew Matimbwi are:

  • Training on the basics of solar PV, wind technologies and energy efficiency to the local authorities planners and decision makers
  • Study tour and mentor in Tanzania Mainland
  • Study tour and mentor in Kigali, Rwanda
  • Economic benefits of employing renewable energy technologies in businesses
  • Training of public and private solar technicians on the solar photovoltaic technology including street light maintenance
  • Training of vocational trainers on solar photovoltaic technology
  • Training on renewable energy tariff modules and management of PPA
  • Training on the renewable energy agreements negotiation skills and contracting
  • Training on assessing developer proposals of wind and solar photovoltaic technologies
Solar PV for Tanganyika Masagati Dispensary
Lutheran Church Diocese of Ulanga-Kilombero owns Tanganyika Masagati Dispensary that is cared by Lugala Lutheran District Designated Hospital. Tanganyika Masagati Dispensary is located in Kilombero District, Morogoro region in Tanzania. It is in the off-grid remote area, 70km from the possible grid connection point. The dispensary did not have electricity as economy of the customers could not enable the  use of petrol generator.

In November, 2016, with support from Power4Africa (Germany), Solarworld (Germany) and USAID, dispensary was installed with solar photovoltaic system of 1.7kW.

Solar photovoltaic system at Tanganyika Masagati supplies electricity to the medical service building and 3 staff houses. Members of staff are no longer feeling isolated as they can watch televisions and have reliable and safe light. Dispensary has improved its service as it can use electronic equipment for diagnosis.

Eng. Matimbwi supported the process of planning and fund raising.

Solar PV Powering Library at Lugala Nursing School
SolidarMed, a Swiss NGO supporting health service at Lugala Lutheran Hospital, has financed upgrade of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System installed at  Lugala Nursing School that is powering electronic library. The first installed Solar PV was of the capacity 0.98kW. The system has been upgraded to the solar generator of the capacity 1.96kW. Other parts installed were Surrette deep cycle batteries 210Ah/12V*8, Charge controllers with meters 45A/12-48Vdc*2, and pure Sine Wave charger/inverter 2000VA/12Vdc/230Vac.

The Solar PV System is an off-grid powering 25 workstations in the library. Students can access internet without interruption. The Solar Photovoltaic System was commissioned in May, 2016.  

Eng. Matthew Matimbwi supported with planning, design, implementation of sustainability strategies and verification of the technical specifications.
Solar Street Lights-Mnazi Moja Zanzibar
06 March, 2016
City of Potsdam, Germany, supported Zanzibar Municipality to install solar street lights along Nyerere Road to lighten a part of Mnazi Moja Garden. The aim of installing the solar street lights was to improve the security of people who visit the referal hospital of Mnazi Moja.

Eng. Matthew Matimbwi played the roles of system planning, design, finance planning, contractor procurement and verification of the conformation to the technical specifications.

System specifications: Solar photovoltaic generator 2.4kW, Sine wave inverter 1.2kVA, Charge controller T45 45A 24V*3, battery bank 210Ah/12V*8, 13 LED lights with photo switch.

3.36kW Solar PV at Edgar Maranta School of Nursing-Ifakara
15 December, 2015
Edgar Maranta School of Nursing that is owned by Catholic Diocese of Ifakara is connected to the national grid. The power supply from the national grid is not reliable. The learning process at the school was being interrupted as the grid went off often.

School opted to install solar photovoltaic system to ensure stable supply of electricity. In order to increase efficient use of energy, the conventional tube lights and bulbs were replaced by energy saving lamps.

Eng. Matthew Matimbwi supported the process of developing the solar system through planning, designing and developing proposal. Fund raising was done by the School Principal through Diocesan Bishop. At last, Eng. Matimbwi supported the project with verification of the contractor to the conformation of the technical specifications. The system was commissioned in December, 2015.

The solar photovoltaic system was installed through a financial support from BEGECA.

The project has ensured availability of electricity and increased energy use efficiency. The cost of electricity bills from national utility has decreased.

Speaking at the International Conference 4th Global Off-Grid Lighting Conference, Dubai

26-29 October, 2015
Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) with which Eng. Matimbwi cooperates, conducted International Off-Grid Lighting Conference in Dubai in United Arabs of Emirates (UAE).

The conference was called to network solar off-grid lighting actors and discuss various subjects aiming at scaling up access to the off-grid lighting technologies.

Mnazi Mmoja Garden Zanzibar Solar Street Lights

June-December, 2015
City of Potsdam in Germany has a partnership with Town of Zanzibar. City of Potsdam supports Town of Zanzibar with a project of installing solar street light at Mnazi Mmoja garden along Nyerere Road. A total of 13 lights will be installed to increase security for people who visit Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in the evening.

Solar project at Malinyi Village

December 2014 - November, 2015
The project "Solar promotion at Malinyi Village, Tanzania" was implemented. The project was financially supported by Waldensian Evangelical Church-Italy through Associazione Microfinanza E. Sviluppo Onlus-Italy.
The project activities consisted of training of 5 youth from Malinyi village on the solar photovoltaic installation, conduction of workshop to 60 community leaders on the potential of solar photovoltaic technology, installation of 3 street lights at Malinyi Market Place, and conduction of public awareness rising event on the potentials of solar photovoltaic technologies. Details

Future perspectives of the project are to establish solar revolving fund through VICOBA and installation of solar photovoltaic systems for the Malinyi dispensary and girls' dormitory at Kipingo Secondary School. 


January, 2011 to date
USAID TUNAJALI Program supports preventive and treatment of HIV/AIDS in the regions of Morogoro, Dodoma, Singida, Iringa and Njombe in Tanzania. Most of health centers and hospitals working with USAID TUNAJALI Program are in off-grid remote areas. USAID TUNAJALI Program has opted the use of solar photovoltaic technology to supply electricity enabling laboratory examinations and general services.

USAID TUNAJALI Program has already installed a total of 82 solar systems for medical service and 123 solar systems for the staff houses at 53 health facilities owned by Tanzanian Government and Voluntary Agents.

USAID TUNAJALI Program has a plan to install solar system to the additional 7 health facilities.

The work has brought impacts of improving quality of the medical service and staff retention.

Installation of solar photovoltaic systems at Mkomaindo District Hospital

November, 2013-December, 2014
Mkomaindo District Hospital is the health facility for Masasi District. It is connected to the national grid but the electricity availability is neither stable nor reliable. In order to ensure that life is saved, the partner of Masasi District that is Landesamt Enzkreis-Germany, contributed finance to install solar power backup systems for the hospital (4.8kW) and the nursing school library (270kW) and training of 12 solar installers to serve the community of Masasi and surrounding districts.
Scaling up use of solar energy at Lugala Lutheran Hospital
October, 2002 to December, 2014
By the year 2002 Lugala Lutheran Hospital was powered by solar photovoltaic system 1.5kW and old diesel generators. The electricity supply was not reliable and costly.

The planning was done to scale up the solar photovoltaic system and install new fuel efficient diesel generators.

The work resulted scaling up solar photovoltaic systems to 8.5kW supplying electricity for the water pumping, hospital equipment and nursing school. 2 new diesel generators each 45kVA were installed increasing efficiency in the diesel fuel use.

Solar Photovoltaic System for Sisters of Diocese of Mahenge

January, 2013 - March, 2014
Congregation of the sisters of Diocese of Mahenge, Franciscan Sisters of Charity (FSC) has a service station in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, called St. Pio House. The house experienced the problem of power outage from the grid and high operating costs of electricity due to having installation of light of low energy efficiency.

The project was implemented to install solar photovoltaic power backup system 540kW and replacement of tube lights by energy saving lights. Finance was contributed by Missionszentrale Franziskaner.

Other solar systems were installed at St. Klara Convent (lighting), Bennignis Centre (lighting for the girls' dormitories), Mtimbira Sisters' Convent and Priesterium, Biro Sisters' Convent, Sofi Pre-Seminary, Sali Pristerium and Convent, Ruaha Parish Dispensary and Mofu Pristerium-Dispensary-Convent.

Solar Photovoltaic System for Mbingu Health Centre

January, 2012-December, 2012
Franciscan Sisters of Charity runs a health centre that is off-grid at the village of Mbingu in Kilombero District.

In order to improve the quality of health service, a 3.0kW solar photovoltaic system was installed to supply electricity. Further, community awareness raising on the potential of solar photovoltaic technologies and training of the maintenance team were conducted. Finance was contributed by UNDP Tanzania. 

Impact study of solar photovoltaic systems in Mbinga and Tunduru Districts

July-August, 2012
Ensol Tanzania Ltd installed solar photovoltaic systems at 40 dispensaries in Tunduru and Mbinga districts in Ruvuma region, Tanzania.

The impact study was conducted after a year of operation. It was found that the availability of electricity increased the quality of service and service availability. It further saved economy of families as they have no responsibility of purchasing kerosene when they go the to the dispensary in the night.

Training on solar food drying in Malinyi

January - December, 2007
Availability of fruits and vegetable in Malinyi, Ulanga, is seasonal. To ensure the continuous availability of vegetable and fruits throughout a year, women who are most responsible for food preparation at home were trained in solar food drying.

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Rural housing

This page presents works of Matthew Matimbwi in the area of rural housing. Eng. Matimbwi has been involved in planning, designing and development
Construction of dining hall at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary, Malinyi
Evangelical Lutheran Church-Tanzania, Diocese of Ulanga-Kilombero has received a financial support from the partner church of Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod to continue with the construction of dining hall at Tumaini. Since May, 2016 Eng. Matthew Matimbwi in cooperation with Eng. Rainer Schacht provide technical support to the beneficiaries.

Construction of kindergartens in Ulanga and Kilombero Districts

Rural housing

This page presents works of Eng. Matimbwi in the area of rural housing. Eng. Matimbwi has been involved in planning, designing and development
Construction of dining hall at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary, Malinyi
May, 2016 to December, 2019
Evangelical Lutheran Church-Tanzania, Diocese of Ulanga-Kilombero has received a financial support from the partner church of Eastern Washington-Idaho Synod to continue with the construction of dining hall at Tumaini. Since May, 2016 Matthew Matimbwi in cooperation with  Rainer Schacht provide technical support to the beneficiaries.
Construction of kindergartens in Ulanga and Kilombero Districts

Rural Water Supply

This page presents rural water supply projects in which Eng. Matthew Matimbwi is involved. Eng. Matimbwi is involved in the process of community mobilization, feasibility study, design, project proposal development and technical verifications during development.
Installation of solar water system at Ebuyu Catholic Parish
January, 2019
Matthew Matimbwi has supported the development of solar water system at Ebuyu Parish in Catholic Diocese of Mahenge. Matthew Matimbwi has prepared the project proposal and provided technical support in well and tank construction; and installation of solar water pump. The installed solar system is 3.2kWp.

Fish farming at Mbingu
23 February, 2017
Elizabeth Children Care Centre at Mbingu Sisters, Ifakara, Tanzania that is owned by Franciscan Sisters of Charity Diocese of Mahenge came with an idea of fish farming to improve the quality of food and income generation.

Eng. Matthew Matimbwi supported the centre in planning, fundraising and implementation of the project. The fish pond with 3 sections is already developed and small fishes are already planted. The development work was concluded in December, 2016. Sr. Annatholia Mgubike that is in charge of Elizabeth Children Care Centre thanks Franzskaner Missionszentrale of Germany for the financial contribution.

Chita Water Supply Scheme

January, 2002-December, 2007
Gravity community water supply scheme was developed for Chita village in Tanzania by Catholic Diocese of Mahenge. The scheme benefited more than 5,000 people.

Improvement of water supply at Lugala Lutheran Hospital

January-December, 2005
The water storage of the capacity 10,000 litres was constructed at Lugala Lutheran Hospital in Malinyi district, Tanzania to improve the quality of medical service. The project was financed by Belgium Technical Cooperation.
Improvement of water supply at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary
January, 1995-December, 1995
Tumaini Lutheran Seminary located in Malinyi districts offers secondary and bible knowledge educations. It hosts more than 300 students.

20,000 litres tank was constructed to improve the availability of quality water to the students and families of the members of the staff.

Wind power

This page presents wind power development works in which Matthew Matimbwi has been involved
Supporting LIFE Academy on the wind power training
January, 2012 to December, 2015
LIFE Academy of Sweden has been training experts of wind power to support the development of renewable energy technologies in the developing countries.

Since in the year 2012, LIFE Academy has been conducting the african regional training in Tanzania.
Installation of wind power backup system at Lutindi Mental Hospital
January, 2010 to December, 2011
Lutindi Mental Hospital is located in the remote area of Korogwe District, Tanzania. It is connected to the national grid, but the supply is not reliable. Lutheran Church that owns the hospital, decided to develop wind power backup system to supply electricity to the hospital when there is no electricity from the grid. Lutindi Mental Hospital installed a turbine of the capacity of 5kW.